“Mommy, pray…”

I was putting Charity to bed awhile ago. It has been a hectic and an emotionally-draining day, and while I was thinking through my shortcomings as a mother and a wife, tears began to fell. I thought she was already asleep, but then, even through the dim light, she saw me crying. Then she put... Continue Reading →

He is Our Strength

JC singing one of our favorite songs, He is Our Strength, as I play on the keyboard. Thankful and joyful that I get to spend some music time with my little boy!


by Charlene Samoy No matter how many dribbles life offers, you were able to rebound.. Your prayer is the most effective offense-defense strategy.. Cheering for us is where our confidence is found.. You drive thru various blocks and problem zones everyday.. Just so you can lay up food and other needs around.. You don't just... Continue Reading →

It Shall Be Well

by Charlene Samoy Our baby Charity Jae was one of those which midwives refer to as "toxic babies". She was overdue by five days and she already ate her own stool while in the womb. When I delivered her last April 19 at 7:20 am, she was suctioned and air-pumped for almost 30 minutes before... Continue Reading →

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