Marriage is a union which God Himself initiated. Marriage is the best symbolism of God’s love to us. The goal of every marriage is to give glory to God, that is why marriage nowadays is less joyful, more stressful, and more prone to attacks. If we can only learn how important our marriage is and how God-honoring it is to do our best to preserve our union, every home will be sort of heaven on earth.

I consider my marriage as my first ministry. There are many challenges (worst a married couple could imagine) that we had been through, but through God’s grace and for His glory, we are still “doing it”. Till death do us part.

May these marriage reflections and learnings bring hope, inspiration, and joy to your marriage as well.

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Enjoying the NOW


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Happy Birthday to My Joi

Our 8th Wedding Anniversary

How God Has Been Good in The First Year of our Journey Towards Recovery

When Tears Break

Joi and Me Pics

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