Walk Against Breast Cancer

by Charlene G. Samoy (This article was first published at ICancerPoint) Breast cancer can be a threat to a person’s life. But anybody can overcome struggles like breast cancer. You just need to fight it.   A close friend of mine had breast cancer about three years ago. Her husband works abroad and she was left to... Continue Reading →


Hair Essential: Shampoo

by Charlene G. Samoy (This article was first published at Herbal  Essences) Your hair is your “crown of glory”. It tells how clean and healthy you are. Without proper hair washing, you cannot have that perfumed and gorgeous hair.  Your hair goes through a lot every day. Dirt and oil or sebum may build up and cause... Continue Reading →

Stock Vector Marketplace Overview for 2016

by Charlene G. Samoy Website design is crucial in attaining success in businesses and careers. Web designers aim for creativity, originality, and sophistication.  The use of vectors is becoming more trendy. These vectors are images which are not made up of pixels. Instead, pathway commands make up these images. This article aims to provide an... Continue Reading →

Rob Thomas Review

by Charlene G. Samoy (This article was first published at Book Series in Order) Robert James Thomas or Rob Thomas was a former high school football player turned writer-screenwriter-producer. His most remarkable creation is Veronica Mars which also became a television series. This versatile writer not only engaged himself in book writing. He is also a... Continue Reading →

Braces: Why Do People Have Them?

by Charlene G. Samoy (This article was first published at South Common Dentist) In the past, having braces is a reason for an individual not to smile. It was a reason for embarrassment. People, as much as possible, don’t wear them. At present, wearing braces not only becomes a dental procedure. It is also a fashion... Continue Reading →

How to Overcome Dental Fear

by Charlene G. Samoy  (This article was first published at South Common Dentist) Are you afraid of going to the dentist? We call this condition ontophobia, dental phobia, dental fear, or dental anxiety. If you have experiences of being anxious seeing a dentist, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Three-fourths of adults in the USA have dental fear.... Continue Reading →

Amazon Eco Tour

by Charlene G. Samoy The Amazon Jungle is an amazing travel destination. This part of the world encourages the adventurous in body and spirit. To venture into the green unknown with all its flora and fauna is a great way to spend your holidays. Most of the ecological tours are in Manaus, Brazil. Here, the... Continue Reading →

Learning Tagalog is Inspiring

 by Charlene G. Samoy (This article was first published at Lingholic) Do you want to make a good first impression? Either you’re planning a trip to the Philippines, will be meeting up with a Filipino friend, or simply want to learn something worthwhile during your free time, learning Tagalog is going to be a great achievement... Continue Reading →

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