Before I Became a Teacher, I Am A Student

Thank you to all teachers who taught me to learn not only the subjects they teach, but inspired me to learn life. You will always be part of my joyful journey and it is my prayer and hope that as you shared your knowledge, experiences, talents, and aspirations, I can do the same to those... Continue Reading →

Thankful for Yesterday, Hopeful for Tomorrow, Joyful Today

What matters is this moment. The "now". I can only be thankful for the moments gone and hope for the best for the next moments to come. This moment now is created for me so that I can continue to live for my purpose - to glorify the One Who created me and to Whom... Continue Reading →

Family Blunder Turned To Family Laughter

  Marion Kelly and her interruption of her dad's live BBC news interview is now going viral. The family's response to the amusing video is very positive. The father said he is pleased that their video brings laughter to others. It's good to know there are still families who can turn something negative into a... Continue Reading →

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