How God Has Been Good in The First Year of our Journey Towards Recovery

It has been a year when a devastating truth surfaced in my marriage. It was a time I can remember as one of the deepest moments in my life. I was only hoping against hope because everything seems uncertain and fearful. Now, after a year, that moment becomes a memorial of God's faithfulness and goodness.... Continue Reading →


Happy Birthday to My Joi

A dream requires a journey. - Jimmy Evans Happy 36th birthday to my Joi, my partner in this journey towards the ultimate Dream.  

“Mommy, pray…”

I was putting Charity to bed awhile ago. It has been a hectic and an emotionally-draining day, and while I was thinking through my shortcomings as a mother and a wife, tears began to fell. I thought she was already asleep, but then, even through the dim light, she saw me crying. Then she put... Continue Reading →

He is Our Strength

JC singing one of our favorite songs, He is Our Strength, as I play on the keyboard. Thankful and joyful that I get to spend some music time with my little boy!

A Decade of Grace

For our anniversary today, we're offering this e-book in PDF format to all who have subscribed and will subscribe today. A  Decade of Grace contains poems and articles of marriage reflections from our 10 years of union... by God's  grace for His glory! If you would like a copy of this, kindly fill-up the form below and... Continue Reading →

Happy 9th Birthday, Jabez!

Happy 9th Birthday to our Jabez! Thankful to God for giving him to us as our joyful "Sorrow" (as his name means). The first book his dad gave to me was "The Prayer of Jabez", which inspired us to name him after the prayerful Bible character (1 Chronicles 4:9, 10).  And Jabez was more honourable... Continue Reading →

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