A Wuhan Pastor’s Request for Prayer

Image fromMustShareNews In the midst of the crisis brought by the novel corona virus, there is peace among God's children. In the city where this tragedy all started, in Wuhan, China, the faithful remains and are calling out to the world for prayers. A Wuhan Pastor's request for prayer "We have a responsibility to pray... Continue Reading →

The Greatest Thing Mine Eye Hath Seen

What is the greatest thing you have seen so far? Maybe it is a magnificent place, a beautiful face, an awesome event, or an inspiring act of kindness. For me, the greatest thing I have ever seen is a changed life. From individuals to families who once do not have any interest about the things... Continue Reading →

The Joy of Listening

The world has a lot to say nowadays. However, many of the things we listen to are filled with fear, hatred, discouragement, and hopelessness. It is our choice whether to listen to these things or to listen to something else. There is joy in listening. Only, when we listen to the real Source of Joy.... Continue Reading →

How to Create a Good Year

Happy New Year! The Lord has been so faithful in 2019 and we are just so thankful we get to be part of this journey into a new decade. This is the time of the year when everything seems fresh and everyone eyes on attaining new goals. When it comes to my spiritual goals, going... Continue Reading →

Enjoying or Enduring?

These past few weeks, this phrase keeps coming back to my mind especially when several suicide stories appeared in my FB feed. I begin to think about my own life. Am I enjoying or enduring it? To enjoy means to "take delight or pleasure, to possess or benefit from" while to endure means to "suffer... Continue Reading →

When Glory Turns to Bitterness

God usually corrects us through His mercy and grace. It is through His goodness towards us that we experience real joy and peace. His glory shines brighter in us when we listen to Him, then trust and obey Him. Sadly, some of us are not sensitive or attentive to His voice. We fail to turn... Continue Reading →

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