Life is Not a Task to Complete, But a Gift to Enjoy

life not task but gift

How was your first five?
Your first five days of 2018? Mine already included a mixture of victory and defeat, tears of sadness and joys, disappointment and achievement, but all of grace. The first five (and I know the next 360+ days to go) are full of hope, God’s mercies and faithfulness (thanks, Bro. Franz, for the devotion).
Instead of having a new year’s resolution, I’m praying for a vision for myself.
I envision to be more of what Christ wants me to be.
I envision to reach higher as an eagle with the strength God provides.
With my blogs, I envision to share more not just of my life, but of my readings this year.
Here’s an adapted quote from the first ebook that I finished reading this week, “Mom Enough”.
The original words were, “Motherhood is not a task to complete, but a treasure to enjoy.” These words struck with me so much that I have to share it with you in terms of life in general.
May we enjoy each breath that God will allow us to have this year.
May we enjoy each memory that will happen this year.
May we learn more about the true Source of Joy as we delight to serve and praise Him all year!
Praying that we all enjoy our roles whether as a parent, child, husband, wife, worker, teacher, student, friend, leader, follower, manager, brother, sister or minister. May our lives be an alleluia!
If you want to grab a copy of the Mom Enough ebook, here’s a link to get a free copy! I highly recommend this to all moms out there. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Life is Not a Task to Complete, But a Gift to Enjoy

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  1. Yes, Cristian! Sometimes we overlook life’s simple joys because of overthinking and worrying. Thanks for the comment! Have a joyful year! : )

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