Have You Received the Best Gift Yet?

Christmas is not Christmas without gifts. For me, December is always a special month not only because of the Christmas season but because on this month, 25 years ago, I received the best gift every human being can have.

I have already received the Best Gift ever!

love gift

The gift is not wrapped in colorful packages, but it was wrapped in swaddling clothes and placed in a manger.

I was in grade two and it was a stormy December day. Classes were canceled so I was at home, staring at the splattering rain from our bedroom window. It was during this time that the verses shared by my parents during family devotions and those by my Sunday school teachers flashed into my mind and a deep sense of repentance and longing for salvation dawned on me.

I got my Bible and read John 3:16:

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

The words from this verse made me bow in tears as I accepted God’s gift – the gift of Himself as my Lord and Savior.

From that time on until now, 25 years and counting, God’s love has kept me through my journey. He keeps on giving. He has shown how great a Giver He is! He has given so much that I can ask for, so much that I don’t deserve, yet He gives.

Sometimes, I get lost with other “gifts” this world offers. Many times I falter from showing Him the gratitude He deserves for all the sacrifices He has done for me, from the moment of His birth up to His last human breath. But, just like a loving Father to His child, He patiently, lovingly gives forgiveness.

hand give most

He gives joy and peace that nothing on earth can equal. He has never forsaken nor left me. He has already sacrificed Himself for my salvation. What more can I ask for?

Yet, everyday, I ask Him hundreds of things, and He gives thousands in return. Jesus is the Best Gift and the Best Giver ever!

You can have the Best Gift, too!

I cannot keep to myself this wonderful experience of having received the Best Gift every human being should long to have.

You can receive the Best Gift, too! From the moment you were born up to this time, you are given several opportunities to learn about this Gift and you just have to realize that you need it.

Yes! You need a Savior Who promised to forgive you and cleanse you from all unrighteousness. He did not come to be served, but He came to serve you, to be your Helper, to be your Guide, to be your Adviser, to be your Encourager, to be your Teacher, to be Your Friend.

He came to earth as a poor baby bound in used clothes intended as dirty rags for the wounds, and his only crib was a feeding trough of farm animals. Why? Because He wants to show that He came for the lowest, for the needy.

As humans, we all need something deep within ourselves. That need, we try to satisfy through many things available in this world – money, fame, career, achievements, relationships, etc. But all these will not satisfy to the fullest. Why? Because we are created to be in a relationship with a Higher Being Who is the only One Who can fulfill our deepest longings.

One thing hinders that relationship with our Creator though, and that is sin. But even this problem of sin, God has provided the solution – Himself. Only a sinless sacrifice can take away our sin and that is what He exactly did: He came on earth as a god in human form, lived as a poor and lowly carpenter, and died a sinner’s death.

But even death cannot contain Him, for, after three days buried in a tomb, He rose again and once and for all conquered death and sin for you and me.

gift salvation

And He does not force us to take and accept the solution. He offers it as a gift – free for all who believes. How about that?!

Would you not take that gift to yourself? The best gift you can receive is ready for you to take. Ask Him to forgive you. Ask Him to be your Lord. Ask Him to be your Savior. You only need to ask Him! And I can assure He, He has been waiting for you to ask…

Ask Him for the wonderful gift of Salvation that not only will save you from the snares lurking all around you today but will also lead you into His abode – in Heaven… for eternity! Yes, indeed! He promised not only to forgive and cleanse you, but to shower you with all His goodness not just on this temporary earth, but even more in life after death. His goodness is all that we can ask for. He is the Only One Who is Good. And He is waiting for you to be part of His family.

My friend, be the next recipient of Heaven’s Grace. Be the most joyful on earth this Christmas. Have faith in Him. Your faith and trust in Him are all that He asks for in exchange for the forgiveness, salvation, and all that Heaven offers. Is not that the greatest gift exchange ever?!

best gift forever

Share this gift with others.

If you are one like me who has already experienced God’s mercy and grace in life, share the best Gift to others. Let it be by word of mouth, by your lifestyle, by the joy of your heart, by the songs you sing, by prayers, by anything our Savior has graciously given you. Share. Christmas is the season for sharing.  And what other gift to share than sharing the Best Gift you have received?


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