Thankful for Yesterday, Hopeful for Tomorrow, Joyful Today

What matters is this moment. The “now”.

I can only be thankful for the moments gone and hope for the best for the next moments to come.

This moment now is created for me so that I can continue to live for my purpose – to glorify the One Who created me and to Whom I will give an account some day.

It is, therefore, a privilege for me to choose to be joyful now. It is an opportunity for me to give praise and glory to Him, the only reason why I have my being and why I do my best to let others know Him.

My forever will be spent for Him, glorifying and praising Him for Who He is. Why not start doing it now?

While it is not an easy option – to choose to be joyful at the moment – it is something which when I am able to do by His grace, gives incomprehensible satisfaction,  more peace, more joy.

So while I have the next seconds of my life to live, it is my desire to let Him know that He is My Joy.  Oh, may not the sins, the worries, the stresses, the business of life take away the Joy in my life. May I always be reminded of His love, His forgiveness, His care, His comfort, His guidance and His smile. May I continue to grow more in knowledge and faith in Him so that with more growth, comes more the fruit of Joy.

Another seconds are gone… thank You! Hoping for the next seconds to come and to continue to be joyful for each second He gives.


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