Same Failures, Different Responses

It’s about Judas and Peter. Both betrayed Jesus. Both eventually realized the gravity of their failures,  but their responses afterwards were different. Judas repented but then hanged himself. Peter confessed his mistake, repented, and had a revived relationship with the Lord.

The mention of these two individuals in our Sonday school this morning was a blessing. Bro. Francis asked, “Are you Judas? Are you Peter? Sometimes I am a Judas, sometimes I am a Peter.” And it’s true! I would have the same answer: Sometimes I am a Judas, sometimes I am a Peter.

“You will fail”, that’s the philosophical advice/prophecy I received a long time ago. Sure, it’s true, since I’m a human, I already had and will make a lot of mistakes, and I also had experienced many failures, and there will be more failures in the future.

But the challenge is how to respond to these failures: same as Judas or as Peter?

Will I take matters into my own hands even though I know that a Greater Hand is waiting to embrace,  forgive, and help me?

failure part life

Or will I accept my mistakes that lead to such failure, confess my guilt, and ask God to help me take the next important step?

failure knees

I hope I would remember these two important truths:


Even these two men (Judas and Peter) who spent three years daily communicating and experiencing things together with the best Teacher failed. Everyone is bound to experience failures in life.


How I act, talk, think and feel after the failure is the important thing. It’s not that easy. Standing up after being knocked down with the bleeding wounds and bruises is not easy. After discovering a grave marital problem and afterwards experiencing a miscarriage of our supposedly third child, the pain is unimaginable.

But through a higher Being within me, I can say I had the proper response. It’s not natural to respond to failure with hope, peace, and joy. Only a Mighty Power from above can provide the grace for me to stand up again, and be like Peter.

What failures did you experience? Do you already have a relationship with the Lord that can help you respond to your failure differently? This link might help you.

Praying that you would also find the grace that enabled me to go through my failures dignified and grateful, instead of bitter and desolate.


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