“Mommy, pray…”

I was putting Charity to bed awhile ago. It has been a hectic and an emotionally-draining day, and while I was thinking through my shortcomings as a mother and a wife, tears began to fell.

I thought she was already asleep, but then, even through the dim light, she saw me crying. Then she put one arm around me (the arm holding her favorite teddy bear) and said, “Mommy, pray.”

More tears began to flow, then she folded her two hands and whispered, “Jesa, yayay..mommy..amen..” Then she gave me a sweet,sweet smile, as if to tell me, “Everything’s gonna be ok, Mom.”

Moments like this are priceless. As a mother, if I can teach my children only one thing, and that is to trust God for everything, I have taught them all. But for now, it’s me who learned from my child.

Thank you, Lord! Thank you for the gift of motherhood! 😊


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