Am I a Joyful Mother?

I’m a mother since 2008. As the world celebrates Mother’s Day this Sunday, I’m thinking about my journey as a mother. It’s not an easy road, with all the responsibilities, pressures, and stresses related to motherhood.

But even though the journey of being a mother is tiresome, I still consider being a mother as one of the greatest blessings in a woman’s life. As I celebrate my 10th Mother’s Day, I’m wondering if I’m a joyful mother that I ought to be.

I ask myself the following questions:

1. Am I thankful to God for the children given under my care,

or I resent being a mother?

2. Am I able to accept my kids as they are,

or I wish they’ll be like somebody else’s kids?

3.  Am I motivated to provide or help provide for their basic needs,

or I am only forced to work to provide for them?

4. Am I willing to set aside time just to be with them,

or I am prioritizing myself over them?

5. Do my husband and I take full responsibility for our kid’s actions and attitudes,

or we blame the school and the church for them?

6. Am I modelling Christlikeness to my kids, especially at home,

or they see me putting on “Christianity” at the church only?

7. Am I doing my best to help my kids use their talents and potentials according to God’s will for them,

or I push them to choose their career choices according to my own plans and wants?

8. Am I spending time in prayer for them and with them everyday,

or I neglect prayer time because I’m too busy and I have other things to do?

9. Am I teaching them responsibility by giving them tasks appropriate to their ages,

or I do everything for them, even if I know they can do these tasks for themselves?

10. Do I allow my kids to experience pain, defeat, disappointment, and failures as part of their journey,

or I protect them too much from these things because I pity them?

 11. Am I disciplining my kids enough so they grow up as mature, joyful individuals,

or I withhold correction and discipline because “I don’t want them to get hurt”?

12. Am I withholding some comforts from them for them to learn patience and contentment,

or I pamper and spoil them with everything they think they “need” and want?

13. Am I willing to joyfully release them someday,

or I am holding them back from that future independence?

14.  Am I modelling godly marriage to my kids as future husband and wife (I have a son and a daughter) by the way I respond to my husband verbally and non-verbally,

or I am a poor example of what a God-honoring wife is?

15. Am I the first to teach them about the Lord, the Bible, and spiritual growth,

or I depend on church programming to do the job?

16. Am I showing my kids support and encouragement as needed,

or I discourage them most of the times?

17. Am I showing proper respect to my kids by the way I talk and act to them,

or I talk and act the way I want (even though it’s disrespectful) since they are only kids?

18. Do I keep my word or a promise,

or I keep on making promises without the effort of following through?

19. Can my kids trust me to be there for them when needed,

or I am the last person they trust?

20. Am I demonstrating the fruits of the Spirit like love, joy, and peace everyday,

or my kids see me as a constant complainer, without joy in my life?

I hope and pray I could answer these questions positively, but motherhood is a journey, and as a young mother, there are so much to learn along the way. There are still many joyful goals to achieve so that I can answer these questions positively. There may be more questions to ask myself. With God’s help and faith for His future grace, I know motherhood will always be a joyful learning experience.

How about you? Can you consider yourself a joyful mother? How did you answer these questions? Do you have any other questions that you also ask yourself as part of your motherhood journey?  I would love to hear what you think! Kindly comment below to share your thoughts and feelings.

Wherever you are in the motherhood journey, I hope you’ll find it rewarding and joyful. No mother is perfect, but you can always take one more joyful step towards being the best mother you can be, by God’s grace for His glory! HAVE A JOYFUL MOTHER’S DAY!



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