There is Hope After Miscarriage

I got this email a few minutes ago.



When I discovered that  I was pregnant last November, it was a thrill!


I then subscribed to’s baby development calendar to help me make the most of my baby’s growth in me (as what I did with my older kids). The message here would have been true if I did not have a miscarriage last December. He/She would have been 22 weeks old already today, with all the features described here. He/She would have been the third child in our family.


Just this morning, my devotion reminded me that whenever I end my prayer with “Amen”, it means I’m telling God, “Yes, God. Your will is supreme. You know better than I do. Your plan is better than mine. Your hope for me exceeds the highest dream I have for my life, for my marriage, for my children, for my ministry. You are good, always good. And whatever I prayed for and whatever Your respond will be – Yes, No, or Wait, I am willing (help me to be willing) to say ‘Yes’ to Your answer, and ‘Yes’ to Your will.”



Although there is still that pinch of pain within me whenever I see expecting mothers, I have learned to acknowledge that the life that was lost in me was not God’s “Yes” for me because He is saying “Yes” for far better things to happen. AMEN!

If you  have any questions, comments, suggestions, or prayer requests, kindly fill-up this form. Praying for a joyful journey ahead!


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