Glean Grace in God’s Field

Press “Play” to listen to Carolyn Hamlin’s Grace


As a stranger, Ruth gleaned some grains

In the field owned by someone else

But instead of rebuke, she found grace


She was doing it only to survive

Not expecting she’ll be Boaz’s wife

Her waning hope, God was pleased to revive


She went to the field, but to get some grains she was not sure

But she returned to Naomi with a basketful

That’s what grace is for


You have to come to the field empty-handed

Each grain that you will glean is God-purposed, God-made

God’s grace, you cannot find in another field


Only in God’s field can you find grace

There are protection and abundance for you to taste

New dreams, new hopes, new joys for you to embrace


O come to God’s field of grace today

Glean the grains of blessings He placed along the way

And after through faith you have started a relationship with the Field-Owner,

…determine to stay.


by: Charlene Garay Samoy

(This was written during the preaching of Ptr. Resty Rivera, Sr. of Day Spring Bible Baptist Church, Sta. Lucia, Philippines)

Credits: Photo from BAMA Sermons & Teaching Materials, Music by Carolyn Hamlin



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