Life’s Rocky Road

by Charlene Samoy

We had been through the rocky road of life.  Through God’s grace, we’re still clinging to each other’s arms.

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Life is not a smooth-sailing journey. It is always full of storms and we keep on encountering these hard-to-go-through roads. We will stumble and fall, and experience pain and wounds. We are tempted to despair, to surrender to our emotions, to pity ourselves, to lose hope, and to call it quits. We  sometimes want to find immediate shelter and comfort from wrong people or wrong ideas.

In a marriage, this is the time to hold on to each other even tighter. We promised to be together, come what may. This is the “poorer, sickness, death” part of marriage where our promise to each other will be tested. This is the “come what may”. This is the real test of love.

As a Christian, it is helpful to accept  that these roads are the ways which we can find God’s presence more closer than ever before. If we find solutions on how to navigate through these rocky roads through the Lord first, He is very willing to be our guide, and He never fails to lead us into His rest and to His loving arms.


It was almost seven months ago when I posted this on Facebook. It was the night when God allowed me to realize I’m on the rocky road of my marriage life, and have no idea how to step in. I turned to Him, because I know He’s the only One Who can help. I asked for prayers from others, because I believe prayers can do wonders through God’s power. And my  husband did the same. No other person can really help us when we find ourselves helpless  and lost through these dark, narrow, and stony part of our journey.

While we are still hoping against hope for every aspect of  our daily life, we are at rest in His promise  that even though life brings us to more roads rockier than the one we have passed through, He is always ready to draw us closer unto Him and to lead us safely through. The rocky road is there, is here, for a reason.

But though these seasons in our life may be hard to accept, we have to be thankful. Be thankful that God has His eye on us to watch each step that we take. He has His heart on us to forgive every wrong move we make. He has His mind on us, to make His way and His will clearer to us as we go along this difficult journey.

When we hit the rocky road, we would know that it will not be easy, but it will  be enlightening. It will be full of pain, but it will also be full of grace. When we hit the rocky road in our marriage, we find holding to each other’s hands more helpful than hurtful, because we now realize it is God’s will for us to be each other’s rock when life trembles. And we have also proven to each other that when the road gets rocky,  we have to cling to the Rock!

“The Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower.”

Psalm 18:2


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