A Great Day to Start the New Year!

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Pastor Resty and Ma’am Luz Rivera is #relationshipgoals

Celebrating their 25th year of marriage this week, the Rivera couple truly deserves the surprise wedding anniversary ceremony prepared by Dayspring Bible Baptist Church (formerly God’s Covenant BC). And it’s on the first day of this new year!

I just saw myself in tears as Ma’am Luz walked down the aisle towards Pastor Resty who was waiting on the altar. The song “Cherish the Treasure” was sung in the background by Bro. Francis and Sis. Eunice. It’s just so spine-thrilling how through all the marriage trials we had last year, God enabled us to witness a wedding ceremony on the very first day of the year!

Three thoughts came to mind as I meditate on this event:

The Rivera couple is an inspiration.

Calling each other dearly by the expression “Love”, the Rivera couple has always been the couple to look up to. They both love the Lord first, and each other second. They know they are not perfect, but their faith in God’s perfect love binds them as a loving couple.

I am a witness of how they pray for each other, treat each other with respect, support each other, encourage each other, and love each other in the Lord.

As their message to each other will show.

Pastor Resty’s message to Ma’am Luz:

I pray that God will help me be more humble, patient, and understanding in our relationship.

Ma’am Luz’s message to Pastor Resty:

I thank God for the grace that helped us to endure each other’s character traits. You are still the “handsome” for me.

Their promise to each other: We may not be perfect, but we will love each other till death do us part.

The  Rivera couple’s faith is exemplary.

Ever since I have known this couple since my elementary days, their faith and service to others is always an example to follow. They had been into the lowest valleys of life,  but they kept their faith and love towards the Lord.

Even with the difficulties life offered them, their dedication to the Lord’s service did not cease. They will sacrifice even their own comforts just to pray, offer help and share words of wisdom and encouragement to those in need.

God blessed them with seven children who are full of potentials and will surely follow their legacy of faith. I believe the church they are leading will have more and more stories to tell of how this couple had been a blessing to them.

The Rivera couple’s marriage is a symbol of God’s love.

It’s just so amazing how God works in my life through the lives of others. The marriage life of  Pastor Resty and Ma’am Luz points me to God’s wondrous love for me… and you.

No marriage is perfect because each person is not perfect. My spouse has weaknesses that displease and irritates me. My spouse has hurts in the past that may affect his decisions today. My spouse has sins that I may not learn to accept and forgive. So do I…

I also have weaknesses, hurts, and sins. We both need each other’s “humility, patient, and understanding” as what this couple is praying for each other.

Yet in our weaknesses, hurts, and sins, Someone loves us… truly loves us.

God sacrificed Himself to help us in our needs, our greatest needs in particular – the need for hope and reason to live. The cross is the greatest symbol of love. God embraced us as we are – weaknesses, hurts, sins, and all. God forgave ALL of our sins – past, present, future. God gave us hope that no other person in the world can give. God accepted us as we are.

Are you looking for a #relationshipgoal this year? Why not start with a relationship with the God of the universe? Learn more about what kind of journey this relationship offers here. Then experience a marriage that’s similar to what the Rivera couple enjoys.

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