Marriage Lesson from the Story of Lazarus

By Charlene Samoy

Two times this week the story of Jesus raising up Lazarus from death came up in my readings.

I asked myself, “Is this a ‘Verily, Verily’ from God?” What does He want me to learn?

The realization came as I meditate upon these verses while in a jeep ride going home, “This sickness is not unto death, but for the glory of God, that the Son of God might be glorified thereby.”(John 11:4)

With tears, I utter words of praises  as I realized: if God allowed Lazarus to die first so that He can raise Him from the dead FOR HIS GLORY, He is probably telling me that He allowed my marriage to experience “death” so that He can resurrect it and we can glorify Him through it!

I tried to hide the tears as more commuters get into the jeepney. What I can’t hide is the joy I experience in my heart knowing that if God allowed this tragic event to happen in my marriage for a greater purpose, I can rest assurred He is presently calling both me and my husband out of our “death tomb” and into His loving arms, just like how he raised Lazarus from the dead!

Truly, His ways and thoughts are way higher than ours. And His ways are perfectly perfect.

For almost four months now I was struggling with emotional outbursts – pain, resentment, anger, bitterness, unforgiveness, hopelessness. I was even hoping for life to end soon, just because I was still questioning God, “Why?”

Yet He answered. He answered the typical, “Why not? You are both my children and I love you so much that I want you to learn things through this. I want you to glorify me through this. I’ll let you die so I can give you new hope, new vision, new heart, new life.”

Although innumerable times of weepings occurred, I now know, “Jesus wept” with me and with my husband.

I see myself and my husband slowly being transformed into individuals who represent more of Him – His mercy, grace, power, justice, holiness, peace and love.

If going through the heartaches and “death” is what it takes to change a man and a woman, if death is the way to see God’s glory, then by all means, PRAISE GOD FOR THE MISERY!

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