Stock Vector Marketplace Overview for 2016

by Charlene G. Samoy

Website design is crucial in attaining success in businesses and careers. Web designers aim for creativity, originality, and sophistication.  The use of vectors is becoming more trendy. These vectors are images which are not made up of pixels. Instead, pathway commands make up these images.

This article aims to provide an overview of vector markets. Both web designers and owners will enjoy the knowledge gained here. There are hundreds of available vector markets online but we will focus on five of the most popular.

Let’s start with This vector market is good because of the varieties of quality design elements it offers. Its gallery includes designs from rustic to modern themes. It also has images for different types of occasions and for various other categories.  It also has a separate listing for personality images.

The pricing is also affordable, ranging only from $1 to $15 each design. Although, you have to make a deposit of $20.  Larger deposit amounts will help you earn more bonus points as a GL user. This site is great for those aspiring vector artists. The extensive styles and affordable pricing makes it easy for you to advertise and earn.

Another great site to sell or buy vectors is This site provides more organized categories. Top categories include backgrounds, design elements, emblems, floral, and borders. You can find the general categories in alphabetical arrangement.

All vectors in vectorstock are Royalty free. There are many free individual vectors. For stock vectors, you have to buy credits. Each credit is worth $1. There are four category types with increasing credit values, ranging from 1 to 100. The credits depend on the type of license that you want: standard or expanded.

This site also offers customer help with its FAQ page. Aside from that, you can browse through new vectors everyday. Vectostock seems to have a pretty good impression for a good overview of vector markets.

Another option for your stock vector is  Envato Team owns and manages the site. Becoming an Envato member is free. Once a member, you can buy stock vectors or make your own. You can get income from selling your images through the site.  For transactions you need to pay for credits which are $1 each. These credits expire after one year.

Before you do any transaction through Graphicriver, make sure you have read and understood their lengthy market terms. This will help you would avoid any transaction problems in the future.

If your goal is extra income, this site will give you the opportunity that you deserve. The site has links to other available web elements from the Envato team like audios and videos. Other Envato team market sites are themeforest, codecanyon, and photodune.

Here’s another site to advertise your artworks –  This site is good for those who have enough money to buy credits. The lowest rate is one credit which is equal to $12. There is a total of ten credit levels. The highest price for 300 credits is $2400. As you increase your credits, you also get more savings. Subscription to this site ranges from $40 essential subscription to $99 signature subscription. The duration for your subscription can be for one month to one year. You can also choose how many images you may have per month: 10, 25 or 250.  These prices are for vectors and images only. Audios and videos are not included.

There are many categories for stock images available through istockphoto.  Categories include emoji, infographics, icons, and tenderness.

An overview of stock markets in 2014 reveal that  is the number one site. It gives the designer of images, vector, and footages to sell their creativity online. The site offers extensive help to their contributors. As a contributor, your individual image will earn at least $0.81 per download. At most, it will earn $2.85.  As your lifetime earnings increases, the amount per download of your vectors also increases.  Contributor and customer referral also gives you extra income.

If you want their images, a free account is available. This is only good for browsing and sharing. If you want to buy, three packages are available. Basic, Professional, and Team packages have pricings ranging from $49 to $499 per month. Different price listings are available for music and videos.

There are many other sites to sell your graphic artworks. The site provides links to microstock markets. It also provides basic overview of stock markets available for contributors.

All these vectors will help you meet the website look and functionality that you aim for. This 2016, more website designers will be using RWD, Responsive Web Design. This design takes in consideration the rise of demand for mobile-friendly websites. The advantage of using this style is its fluidity, meaning, the design works best for any gadget. It is also easier to produce and maintain.

According to statistics, two-thirds of people will read a site with beautiful designs compared to a plain website. 38% of internet users will not continue reading an unattractive site. As of mobile users, according to research, from 2013 to 2015, tablet users increased by 30%. This calls for modern approach for website design according to the taste of the consumers.

The website features which are trending for this year are massive use of User Interface patterns, animations, microinteractions, and material designs.  Stock vectors will be your best tool in producing these features for your next website project. This overview of stock markets hopefully gave you better ideas, resources, and options.

These sites are also helpful for the frustrated designers. Your rejected designs will have more audience and more chances of being sold. Stock vector marketplaces will also provide healthy competition among web designers. The more you compete, the better you become. As a vector designer, you make graphic artworks which are worth the try to advertise and sell. It may sound discouraging at the beginning, but you just have to continue designing.

Being a vector designer is a great way for you to become part of a global market. This market not only sells but influences people. You may never know where your next design will take you.


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