Hair Essential: Shampoo

by Charlene G. Samoy (This article was first published at Herbal  Essences)

Your hair is your “crown of glory”. It tells how clean and healthy you are. Without proper hair washing, you cannot have that perfumed and gorgeous hair.

 Your hair goes through a lot every day. Dirt and oil or sebum may build up and cause irritations and even dandruff. The usual shampoo routine includes wetting, lathering, rinsing, and drying the hair. Shampoo then leaves hair clean, fresh, and fragrant.

 Aside from that, shampoo is also known to calm scalp itchiness. The zinc element in shampoos gives that relief from irritating itchy feeling. Shampoo also washes flakes from your scalp and hair strands. You can also get rid of redness in you scalp by using special shampoos. This redness are due to several hair treatments.

 How does a shampoo do all this work? Shampoo contains substances that help you get rid of dirt and bad bacteria in your hair and scalp. It also removes excess oil found on your hair follicles and hair strands. The substances that help shampoo do its job are sodium lauryl sulfate and cocamidopropyl betaine. These two are mixed with water. These surfactants bind on dirt and bacteria making them easy to wash off with water during rinsing.

 Commercial shampoos contain sulfates. There are claims that sulfates can diminish the hair’s natural oils, water content, and even color.  This leads to drier and less manageable hair. At present, the use of organic or natural shampoos is getting popular. These plant-based shampoos do not contain sulfates. 

 This is also why most shampoo users partner their shampoo brands with a conditioner. This complete home maintenance for your hair is important. While shampoo contains basic substances, conditioners are more of the acidic types. The application of hair conditioner after shampooing neutralizes the effect of shampoo. This makes your hair even more beautiful.

 Shampooing is one of your daily body regimes. Although you are already doing this ever since, make sure that your shampoo routines are correct. First, do you consider your hair type in choosing your shampoo? There are five basic hair types. These are dry, oily, fine, curly, and color-treated. To know which shampoo to use, just look for the hair type indicated on the shampoo package.

 Second, find the right brand. It may take time to try on different brands until you find the best one. How do you know that this is the ideal shampoo brand? The result of the best shampoo will be clean, shiny, soft, and smooth hair. There should also be no irritation and dandruff.

 There are special shampoos which may need the recommendation of a dermatologist before you use them. These are for hair with special needs like thinning hair, too much dandruff, and scalp wounds.

 If you’re not using the right type and brand of shampoo appropriate for your hair, you might experience the negative consequences of using shampoo. Frequent shampoo usage without conditioner may lead to hair thinning, hair loss and even scalp damage.

 Make your beauty shine brighter. Choose the best shampoo. Always pair it up with the best conditioner for your hair. By doing so, you can wear your hair in its best condition.

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