Amazon Eco Tour

by Charlene G. Samoy

The Amazon Jungle is an amazing travel destination. This part of the world encourages the adventurous in body and spirit. To venture into the green unknown with all its flora and fauna is a great way to spend your holidays. Most of the ecological tours are in Manaus, Brazil. Here, the Amazon River and jungle becomes a mysterious haven for tourists.


The Amazon basin contains the greatest amount of biodiversity in the whole planet. The river is the second biggest river in the world. The whole area is home to 30% of all known species of living things. Imagine the vast imagery, aromas, sensations, tastes, and sounds that you can experience in this unique travel destination. You will never waste your money in the Amazon.


There are exciting places to see in Amazon. The joining of two river waters or Encontro dos Aguas is an amazing sight to behold. The two rivers, with differing characteristics, meet without mixing. These rivers are Rio Negro named after its dark color, and Rio Solimoes or the Amazon River with its sandy color.


Another natural splendor is Arquipelago de Anavilhanas. Its 400 islands is a great spot for outdoor activities and nature trek. The plants and animals are untouched. The boat cruise through the islands will pass through clear and cool waters.


The Ponta Negra Beach is an ideal resort for beach lovers. Here, coconut trees provide shades under the basking sun. The shore is great for beach walks especially during the night. There are other exciting beaches in the area aside from Ponta Negra Beach.


The Amazon Eco Tour includes organized tours around the Amazon. It provides day tours, river cruise, jungle expedition, survival training, extreme adventures and panoramic flight.


The day tours include such adventures as boat rides, swimming with pink dolphins, fishing for piranhas, visit to museums, jungle walk, cave trip, and visiting tribal communities. The tour guides are reliable and experienced so there’s no need to worry for your safety.


You may explore the mysteries of the Amazon River through Shalom III. This river cruise will take you to nature’s wonders on the river and its banks. This boat has rooms with AC unit, private bathrooms, kitchen, hammocks, barbecue and fishing equipments, and an emergency canoe. Other activities lined up with the river cruise are jungle hiking, canoeing, bird-alligator-monkey observations, piranha fishing, and swimming.


The jungle expeditions include guided trip through the virgin forests. The tour guides are bilingual so communication is not a problem. As you hike through the jungle, there are explanations for the medicinal plants found in the area. There is also a visit to local families and communities. Awesome adventures await those involved in the jungle expeditions.


Learning how to survive in a jungle is a real achievement. Survival training in Amazon is one of these challenging things to do here. Some of the things that you will learn and get involved in are building fires, building tents, finding and cooking food, and making the best use of the plants and animals in the jungle.


There are also extreme adventures for those willing to take the risks. Some of the activities included in this tour are water skiing, rafting, and fly boating. For those not afraid of heights, an aerial view of the Amazon is accessible. Aircrafts fly over the place and gives a splendid panoramic view of the place.


The best way to experience the wonder of the Amazon is through Eco Lodge. There are several choices for accommodations through Eco Lodge. Your choice depends on how advance or laid back your kind of stay will be. You will also have to consider several jungle factors like heat, mosquitoes,  and other weather elements.


If you are a reserved adrenaline type, there are still places for you to venture. There are many museums, religious sites, parks, beaches, and shopping centers to fill your vacation days.


How will you reach the Amazon? The nearest airport that serves international flights to the Amazon is the Eduardo Gomes International Airport. Transportation within the area is through canoe, yacht, or boats. Land travel is by car, van, or minibus. All tour prices include fares, food, insurance, interpreters, and mineral water. Your travel agency can provide more information and tips for your most convenient stay in the Amazon Jungle.


There are thousands of dining places in Manaus. You may enjoy South American breakfasts, seafood lunch, and steak dinner. There are sorts of local and international cuisines to indulge your cravings. The authentic Brazilian meals are also available. The spirit and ambience in these restaurants and eateries will satisfy you.


If you will not avail of Eco Lodge, there are other available accommodations in the area. There are hotels, inns, and bed and breakfasts lodging places. These places provide real comfort and relaxing environment. You are still close to nature with all the greeneries surrounding your temporary home. Most of these quality accommodations have modern amenities. If your type is to experience the real jungle life, the Eco Lodge is your best option.


All these tours and visits to the Amazon are important for the sustainability of the place. As more people get more knowledgeable of natures’ wonders in the Amazon, the more they will appreciate creation.  Once there is appreciation of creation, there will be more awareness of its importance. More advocates for environmental concerns will emerge.


Those individuals who have experienced going to the Amazon came out from the river and the jungle with new perspectives about nature and life in general. The awesome sights, diversified nature, unique people, and new experiences will take you into far reaches with reality.


 You can be the next adventurer who will tell the world to keep on preserving nature. Nature breathes and is alive. Without these ecological tours, these places will not gain recognition. Without recognition, there is no awareness and efforts on how to keep them alive. Sustainability is an important purpose of eco tourism. Your Amazon adventure can be the key to keep alive one more species.   The Amazon journey will always amaze visitors.

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