20 Best WordPress Travel Themes

Traveling never stops to amaze people. The best travel experience is one tickled by imagination. Travel sites, blogs, and other information campaigns enable people to have a glimpse of the best destinations in the world. This is the reason why travel themes by WordPress are here.

These WordPress themes enable travel experts, agencies, and establishments to advertise their services with a bang. The appearance and functionality of each theme are superb. The features ensure up-to-date, creative, and relevant dissemination of information. Fewer words are needed because imagery and design will do the sales talk.

More travel enthusiasts and trip consultants will enjoy looking for their next holiday venue. Thanks to these easy-to-use and easy-to-customize themes. Some of these themes are even free! Even the most sophisticated visitor will find these travel sites alluring.

Here are twenty of the best travel sites and their themes. Explore these examples. Discover how these themes can become part of that next travel online site you have in mind.

  1. Tour Package

This $49 theme is ideal for travel agencies and companies. Its browsing feature enables visitors to view packages with ease. It also has “package filtering system”. The site also includes a contact form for other important queries.

The Tour Package theme also enables viewing the site in gadgets through its Retina and responsive display feature. All elements of the site are intact when viewed from iPhone or iPad. This enables on-the-go customers to access travel inspiration whenever and wherever.

The theme uses package post type. This gives prospective customers the best view of the packages that are available. Other post type variations are gallery, testimonial, price, personnel, and portfolio.

For business dealings, the package filtering system provides drop-down menus or parameters. These menus include options such as type of trip, destination, date of arrival and departure, and the budget for the trip.

When it comes to this theme’s appearance, easy customization is possible. The theme supports more than 500 fonts. Color changes are also possible for almost all elements. There are also options for distinct sidebars for each page. The theme also comes with a built-in translator which is ideal for international tourists.

Tour Package allows website developers to use and upload their own backgrounds, fonts, and logo. This will make the site more reflective of the travel agency’s style.

  1. City Tours

Hotel and tour booking businesses will find City Tours travel theme the best theme to use. One reason why this theme is ideal is its responsive feature. All gadgets will show complete elements of the City Tours site. The theme organizes accommodations, tours, and transportation facilities in grid or list view. In one sight, this information is available: for instance, name of the hotel, its price, reviews, and booking option. Booking a hotel or a tour will be easier and faster.

Editing the theme will not be a hassle. The theme has customization panels that are easy to navigate and use. There are also hundreds of icons to use. The theme also comes with more than thirty short codes. These are important to create that unique appearance of the site.

The price for this theme ranges from $17 to $35. The price depends on the preferred type of inclusion. Choices are layer slider, revolution slider, or visual composer.

Since this is a booking theme, Paypal payment is integrated in the theme. There is also a built-in translator and currency management.  Other features included in this theme are speed optimization, wishlist page, blog integration, CSS3 animation, and sign up/login modal. This best theme for travel bookings also come with a video tutorial.

  1. Travel Guide

This simple WordPress travel theme is ideal for blogs. The minimal appearance entails easy customization. This provides more time for developing the content, than the layout.

The basic WordPress features are part of this theme. It has customizable elements, tags, links, and category hierarchy. The elements are easy to change according to the blogger’s taste. Travel writers can have as much tags as they can for their posts. Hyperlinks are also integrated. This can expand what seems to be a simple content in this theme.

The theme also supports four categories. These categories can have up to three lower-level hierarchy.  Sidebars and footers can include several widgets. Examples of these widgets are search bar, recent posts, archives, recent comments, and categories among others.  Search bar will allow users to easily look for a particular blog. Archives display the monthly posts and blogs. Categories group the contents of the site according to the author’s preferences.

This theme is great for bloggers who are in the early stage of their career. It also helps to realize that the simplicity of this theme supports beginning bloggers who are still in the process of cruising the WordPress world.

Although the theme may seem limited, the possibilities will depend on how the blogger makes maximum use of the theme. WordPress will be working on updating this theme for more functionality.

  1. Adventure Tours

Valued at $59, this theme is great to use for travel and tour agencies. Adventure Tours has various ways to present your travel services. It also allows developers to include attributes to each tour. A search form for all possible tours is also included. Customers can also share their experiences and rate the tours.

One feature that makes Adventure Tours better than other travel themes is its integration with Woo Commerce. This allows other payment options aside from Paypal. Customers may pay through direct bank transfer, credit cards, cheque, and even cash on delivery schemes. Travel agencies can also give away coupons and discounted prices to their valued customers. Woo Commerce also enables the selling not only of travel services but also of other purchasable items. This widens the business scope of the travel companies. Through this theme, financial growth is within reach.

Adventure Tour can add sophistication to that simple travel site. This theme has several features including short codes, icons, sticky header, and search forms. Customer can search for their dream tour by simple clicking.

Even with this sophistication, the theme is not difficult to set up and customize. Custom importer enables website designers to choose the best data to include in the site. Changing fonts, colors, and icons is easy.

Another great feature of the Adventure Tours theme is the booking system. This allows easy organization of tours, tickets, schedules, and booking times.

  1. Travelhub

This WordPress travel theme is great for tour planning. Its most useful and distinctive feature is the day to day Tour Planner. Here, organizing and managing tours is going to be an easy task.  Even planning multiple tours is possible through this feature.

Customizing this theme is a breeze with its Visual Composer and lay out builder. There are also available widgets to improve appearance and function of each page. As with other best WordPress themes, the Travelhub is also responsive. Whatever screen size there is, it is guaranteed that all features and elements are present.

Travel planners can take advantage of its menu pages which can include gallery, blog, activities, deals, and contact. This theme, which costs $49 also includes other features. These are flight scheduler and package features manager.

All these inclusions in the Travelhub theme guarantee a well-organized tour for customers. This hassle-free tour management is also important for the tour agencies. There will be less stress and more wisdom in making decisions for the customer’s next travel destination.

  1. Travelline

Another great travel theme for tour agencies is Traveline. This theme supports three-page version. The green motif coincides with the natural adventures and tours that customers can find in sites using this theme.

The lists for types of tours and hotels are multi-version. This will enable viewers to gain more information about their prospective accommodations and travel activities. Aside from these, each of the hotels and tours will have individual pages for further details.

The payment and booking pages are also together. The clear and concise design of this theme makes it easy on the eyes and on the mind.

For its lay out, this theme has a unique header. The menus are also fixed so there is easy access to important pages. This theme is created under Bootstrap 3. This means easy set up and customization. Aside from that, the Traveline theme is compatible to any browser.

This ideal tour planning theme will give greater access to more travel options. The more options the customers have, the greater the chance of a well-deserved trip.

  1. Solaris

Solaris is the all-in-one WordPress travel theme. It is very attractive. Its features and integration are also ideal for travel business. With all its functionality, this theme is not only great for travel operators; it is also great for a travel magazine.

Installing this theme takes only one click. The previewed site will become the basic site to begin customizing with. Viewing the Solaris-themed site on gadgets and on any screens will be easy. It supports swipe effects with its Revolution and Swiper features sliders.

This theme also uses Visual Composer and built-in short codes. Also included in this theme are SEO optimization and built-in translation. There are other features of this complete travel theme. Some of these are media content manager and extensive documentation.

Solaris also includes Woo Commerce integration. This makes the Solaris-themed site more attractive to customers. The attractiveness of this theme also comes through its bright colors and sleek designs. Aside from all these advantages, this theme’s developers will also provide updates and supports to its users.

  1. GoExplore

Whether the site is for personal travel blog, for a travel operator, for travel reviews, or for a worldwide travel book, this theme is ideal.

Aside from posts, media, and pages, there is also the addition of “destination” menu on this theme. This destination does not only refer to a place. It depends on what the site is for. It could be an activity or a particular place that needs further information. These destination tabs can have additional Travel Guides and Directories. These additional sub-pages may contain information like transportation, tourist attractions, dining areas, accommodations, and even things to do in each destination. Customer rating is also possible through this theme. This makes GoExplore an ideal travel theme.

Even travel bureaus can take advantage of this great theme. The Travel Destination plugin included in this theme makes it easy to present any place all over the world. Any place can become an exciting venue for traveling when information and design are creatively mixed.

Some of the features of this theme are responsive display, blog options, and photoshop files inclusion. Runway Framework built this theme. This makes it very sensitive to client needs. Site developers can create the site according to their preferences.

  1. KodeTravel

Kode Travel is another great theme for tour operators and tour planning agencies. This theme allows flexibility and easy customization.

This site is not loaded with CSS and other scripts. That means fast loading time when viewing this site. Code management is also easy. There are also options for header customization. Headers can either make or break a site. Changing the header will be easy. This will lead to a more attractive travel site.

Other lay out features are homepage with the map of the customers’ favorite places, font packs, and Revolution slider. Changing the site’s appearance is only a click away. This is due to its theme option panel. Colors add beauty to an online site. This theme supports endless varieties of hues.

For the travel blogging, the theme provides several kinds of blogging layouts. For those who love travel photography, the gallery options will be a great tool.

Another feature for the customers is the Team. The travel staff is featured and can become part of the travel planning committee. The Team Options can also include the agent managers and the members. This provides an effective communication and feedback tool among all travel personnel.

  1. Traveler

Traveler is the best booking WordPress theme. Individual and companies involved in booking services can make use of this great online site theme. This all-in-one booking theme is a great help for travelers. In one site, they get all the necessary information and can book services for that dream vacation.

Accommodation, transportation, and activities will be well-prepared through this theme. Popular booking sites were the basis for building this theme. Payment through Paypal is also included in this theme.

Lay outing the site will be trouble-free with its simple admin panel. The dashboard provides statistics and overview of each type of booking. Plug-ins included in this theme are Visual Composer, Contact Form 7, and numerous fonts. Lay out options are varied. Examples are the default lay out, Hero lay out, slider, hotel map, images, or testimonials.

There are available online updates and supports for this theme. This ensures satisfaction for both users and developers.

  1. Corallina

This is another superb choice for a booking theme. Corallina provides easy customization and a lot of integration.

Any travel service provider will have more benefits with this theme. There are page templates for homepages, blog and gallery archives. There are also options for the contact and about us pages.

One of the best features of this theme is the Hot Deals. This attracts prospective clients to explore more about the site. There is also the inclusion of Events Manager for more organized activities.

Woo Commerce allows travel companies to build shopping avenues through their site. The theme provides weekly support to its users.

  1. Tour Operator

Tour Operator was a nice travel theme. It is not readily available at present. During its use, it includes a booking or reservation system. It also provides access to destination search. Prices are included in the search results.

Travel agents can have special offers or tour packages to attract more customers. The theme is easy to administer. Customers may provide rating and reviews.

Lay out features for this theme are Revolution slider, commercial spaces for endorsements, and built-in translator. The theme also supports the addition of directories and listings in the site.

  1. Anchor

Building an online space for campsite is going to be fast with the Anchor theme.

This theme has reservation system. Easy booking on campsites and other lodging places like hotels, inns, bed and breakfast, and others will be possible through this theme.

Lay out for this theme includes more than thirty customizable elements. The support for this theme includes plugins which depend on the user’s needs. Some of these plug ins are WordPress SEO, get directions, announcement bar, among others.

Managing a personal website will become a challenge and a delight when using this travel theme.

  1. Altair

The satisfaction of more than one hundred thousand users guarantees the quality of the Altair theme.

The theme uses full-width and fix-width layouts. It has six options for this kind of lay outing.  This makes the site looking elegant and attractive. Its booking form is also built with creative design, yet with simplicity. The admin panel of the Altair theme has advance options for the unique appearance of the site.

The documentation feature and documentation search is one reason why developers use Altair in many of their travel sites. Customers can also browse through numerous travel options. Destination pages are easy to create with the theme’s built-in backgrounds.

This makes Altair the best-selling travel theme.

  1. TripWay

Widgets, short codes, and features – these are all part of the travel theme. This is another site to advertise travel services, places, and activities.

All elements of this theme are editable. This is needed to achieve that online site appearance that users want.  Other features for its lay out are customizable widgets, posts types, colors, and more than 600 fonts. It also comes with a stylish slider.

Aside from all these benefits, this theme provides lifetime support and updates. It also gives backup services. All these features are fully responsive to whatever screen size.

  1. Fatherland

Fatherland is named because of its function as a local travel theme. Its two main pages are for trips or excursions and guides. These pages can be loaded with articles, pictures, links, or anything to provide necessary information for the travelers.

The theme is simple in lay out. There is no inclusion of plug-ins or short codes. When using this theme, a PDF file will guide the users through the setting up process and its use.

The theme also has widgets that are easy to customize. It is also responsive. This provides ideal means of accessing information for local travel.

  1. Trendy

For the more professional website designers, this theme is appropriate. The Trendy theme is pixel-powered. Pages within pages and elements are easy to edit or customize. This theme is also a good business investment.

Redux framework develops this theme. Majority of its features are easy to change through its admin panel. There are numerous settings to try to get that perfect online site look.

WordPress also provides documentation and support forum for the theme users. This theme is not only great for travel sites. It can also be great for personal blogging sites, photography, or for other agencies not related to travel.

  1. Passenger

The name itself says it all. This theme is great for persons who love traveling. These passengers of life want to have a site that are easy to customize and easy to access.

Its responsive feature makes it easy to view through gadgets, laptops, or even on larger screens. An amazing feature of this theme is the Soliloquy slider. This slider is perfect for majority of the elements in this theme. Woo Commerce is also part of this theme.

Other features included in this theme are post formats and page templates.

  1. Wildcat

The Wildcat travel theme is for displaying the best parts of the travel experience. Expose these memorable moments and amazing sights through this theme. This is an ideal theme for individual who wants to build their own travel site. It is also great for tour companies who need online advertisements.

Features that make this theme great for travel enthusiasts are its retina design, Woo commerce support, numerous colors, video documentation, and built-in translator. This theme also supports Photoshop files.

Wildcat also supports a Flickr widget. This provides instant access to your Flickr files. Updates and helps are available.

  1. Travelo

This last WordPress travel theme is a great booking theme. It is ideal for hotels and tour bookings.

Travelos’ design and function makes it an efficient booking theme. Its design is fully responsive. There are sorts of things to edit or customize for each page. The theme also supports more than 55 short codes for more improved elements.

Aside from these, Travelo has various site and footer skins and header styles. For booking purposes, it is integrated with Paypal. It also has currency management, contact form, and login/ sign up features. Even with all these features, this theme has speed optimization.

These travel themes are available. They are useful, income-generating, supportive, accessible, attractive, and engaging. These features make them the ideal travel themes, giving customers a glimpse of the world of travel.

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