Life from Love

by Charlene Samoy

As I look at my two children, I realize how amazing having kids and being a parent is.IMG_20150926_092728

At present, they are growing fast, facing the world, trying to solve their own problems, and learning more and more things about life. As I look back at the beginning of our marriage, these children were not here. They did not exist. But now, they are here, beaming with life, every now and then a source of happiness in our life. They are the result of me and my husband’s ultimate expression of our love for each other.


It’s unspeakable to realize that their creation and existence was not our responsibility. It was God who formed them and gave them the life that they now share with us. 20160416_200925

Having a child is one of the gifts that God offers to marriage. This love between husband and wife faces a lot of challenges. But whatever happens, as you look at the face of your child, you see a reflection of yourself and your spouse. You see an image produced by the union of each other’s strengths and weaknesses. You see a future that will hopefully be better than what both of you had already experienced in life. 20160428_145438

Love brings about these lives. The Greatest Lover made and gave them to us. And their lives will continue as long as there is love.



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