Our 8th Wedding Anniversary

Joi arrived at around 9am yesterday from Bulacan. We were staying here at Pampanga for the family to see Baby Charity and for Kuya Ian’s arrival. When he arrived he handed me one of our favorite chocolates, Cadbury. Then he hugged me and greeted, “Happy Anniversary”.

In the afternoon, we left the kids with the Lolo, Lola and Tito and Titas. Then we went and enjoyed the yummy treats, especially the halo-halo at Razon’s at Dau, Mabalacat.

We then shopped some items (bag for JC, dress for Charity, polo shirt for Joi and bag for me) at Liberty Duty Free Shop at Clark Air Base.

It was a simple but meaningful celebration. We then spent the night together with baby Charity Jae beside us.

I thank the Lord for giving me my husband. He may not be perfect (nobody is), but I know he tries his best to love and protect me and our children. I’m praying and looking forward to growing old with him and enjoying our time together as a couple.

It is also my prayer for our faith and love towards each other and towards the Lord to grow and to be a blessing. May our lives as married couple bring glory and honor to God.

me and joy @ international dinner

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